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HISTORY - Wissahickon Schist, commonly called Chestnut Hill Stone is a very old, historical stone which dates to the Ordovician period, some 550 million years ago.  It is so old, that it contains no fossils.  It is a metamorphic rock, which means “undergoing a change”.  It was originally gravel on the sea floor which then underwent vast pressure when volcanic action moved it upward to form a mountain range. 

Chestnut Hill was mainly developed between approximately 1910 through the 1930’s and Wissahickon Schist was commonly used for both residential and institutional uses. 

PRESENT DAY - As the last remaining true Wissahickon Schist quarry in this area, we offer a premium, high-quality product which is distinctive in its beauty and duration.  We do not mix our product, so when purchasing we guarantee that you are receiving 100% true schist, whether it is building stone, natural veneer or saw cut veneer.

Our saw-cut veneer is specially cut by experienced professionals in Upstate Pennsylvania.  The corner cuts are truly beautiful reflections of the stone in all its glory and easily laid. 

We are currently mining on a daily basis, and have a growing inventory of all types of our stone.  It is readily available for purchase.  In addition, we carry flagstone, Belgian block and approximately 20 other types of veneer.

INSTITUTIONAL USES – Wissahickon Schist has been used on many historical buildings and bridges.  Buildings include The University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Arcadia University, and The Philadelphia Zoo.  Newer buildings include The ACE Club, Commerce Bank, and WaWa Headquarters.

In conclusion, the stone is still widely used because of its ability to match the older, more historic Schist originally used to construct these buildings.  Lastly, it is prized for its duration and beauty and will add a special touch to any new project.




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