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Wissahickon Stone Quarry, LLC

Welcome to Wissahickon Stone Quarry


Wissahickon Stone Quarry, LLC, (“WSQ”) is the last true Wissahickon Schist quarry in this area.  We mine on-site and quarry from the bedrock which makes the stone very hard; the schist has the same bearing weight as limestone.  We guillotine cut on site and our saw cut veneer is cut by experienced professionals in upstate Pennsylvania, which includes beautiful corner cuts.

The beauty of the stone is distinctive.  It ranges in color from browns through light and dark grays. It has a high content of mica as well as quartz, which makes the stone sparkle and look different in every type of light. 

The stone has various uses both commercial and residential and has been used on homes, bridges, and commercial buildings.
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